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Juniata College Campus Store
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SHOP ONLINE NOW....https://www.headwatersjc.com/



Headwaters at Juniata College Campus Store

Due to the Corona Virus Outbreak - Headwaters Campus Store is closed until further notice.

We are happy to offer all IN STORE product on our new website which is also linked to our Square rewards program.

eGift cards are also available for use on the new website as well. 

Please shop here for in store gear:  https://www.headwatersjc.com/

Juniata gear is also available on a sister website which is handled by a Third Party company and is accessible at the "SHOP HERE" link on the left side of this page.

Please note we currently do not have access to the store location on a daily basis. 

Please reach out to us at the email below with questions.

Stay up to date via Facebook  https://www.facebook.com/HeadwatersJuniataCollege/   and Instagram @headwatersjuniatacollege.  Like and Share!

Email:  headwatersjuniatacollege@gmail.com